October 8, 2015

Shadowhunters Teaser!

Hi guys! I'm back from my hiatus, if only for a bit, because I really wanted to dicuss the Shadowhunters Teaser Trailer that just dropped! If you don't know much about Shadowhunters as a show, I'm going to refer you to my post from a while back. I talk all about the cast and stuff, so if you're confused, check that out! Okay, now if you haven't see the teaser yet, here it is:

Some things I would like to comment on/noticed with screenshots! (in chronological order):
  • I'm glad the the age difference isn't too significant (Clary's age is 17 in the books, but 18 on the show) 
  • The angelic runes on the birthday cake (0:01) and in the smoke (0:07)!
  • Among all the glitter and fabulousness of Magnus, we get a really quick glimpse of Clary, looking extremely lost (0:09)
  • Also, the key that Magnus has- will it help Clary with her memories or does it symbolize something? (You can also see that it is in the shape of an M at 0:13)
    • At 0:17 I'm 97.99% sure that the rune that appears is fearless, which is not unexpected since it's Jace. I'm also curious about what those three birds represent (are they pulling a Divergent?!)
    • If you pause around 0:25 you can see Alec with his bow and Magnus and Jace in the shadows on either side of him. The rune is the neon lights is love, but it is split in half. Very fitting. I also spotted the deflect, angelic, and agility runes on Alec.
    • Izzy is a badass with her whip and the precision rune
    • From 0:34-0:41, we see Simon! First, we see Simon in the room with two other people (possibly Camille on the chase?), but then the people disappear (symbolism?) and then the room crumbles to black and white. The chandelier is also dripping blood.
    • At precisely 0:42, we see Luke with a gun in front of a backdrop of graffiti. The precision, love, angelic, and fearless runes are all there together. We also see some wolves, bones and two women with red hair (one of them has an angelic rune on her forehead), possibly Clary and Jocelyn? 
    • At 0:44 we see Clary for a flash, in what looks like the same place as she was earlier (during the Magnus sparkles), except now there's FLAMES
    • Then she's running down the hall the we saw Alec in earlier, also with the split love rune
    • And then she's twirling around in what appears to be some of her drawings, maybe of demons and runes (you can see an iratze or heal rune in the picture below), ALSO ON FIRE. It appears to be inside the Fray household, which you see at the beginning when Clary blows out the birthday candles.
    • Then she's wielding a seraph blade like a pro in the alley where Jace first appeared
    • Clary prancing through the dark
    • Malec with a hint of glitter, as it should be
    • Izzy looking flawless, even when she's running
    • Again, that split second shot of Clary with all the artsy lens flares-
    • MORE PAPERS BURING (probably more of Clary's sketches). I spotted an angelic rune and an iratze, as well as what could be soundless, agility, and deflect runes
    • And then the end shot, with Jace, Clary, Alec and Izzy in front of the New York skyline! (WHY NO SIMON?!?)

    Overall, I was really happy with the teaser! It didn't really give us any clips from the actual show, but instead hinted about what was to happen in the plot. My favorite part is either the part with Alec or Luke because hidden symbols! I loved the representations of everything and the use of runes, as well. I think what I'm most curious about are those quick shots of Clary with the lens flares that kept on reoccurring. Maybe they were just thrown in there for dramatics, but I think that it might be important later on, especially since each of those shots were so brief.

    Shadowhunters premieres January 2016, on ABC Family (soon to be Freeform)! You can also keep up to date on Shadowhunters news here.

    Okay, that's it for this post! Let me know what you thought about this teaser and if there was anything else I didn't catch! I'll try to post again soon,
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