May 15, 2015

Shadowhunters Casting!

Hi guys! So if you didn't already know, Cassandra Clare's City of Bones was turned into a movie. It also horribly failed. But luckily enough, The Mortal Instruments is being remade into a television show with an entirely new cast on ABC family called The Shadowhunters. The show is set to start filming May 25th in Toronto. The first season is going to be thirteen episodes long, and the first episode being called "The Mortal Cup".  A lot of people have been casted recently, so I thought I would share my thoughts and opinions on them! Warning, there may be minor spoilers for The Mortal Instruments.

I haven't actually see anything he's in, but I think appearance wise, he could be a good Jace! You can't see very well in this picture, but his eyes are two different colors- one is blue and the other is brown. I think it's a good alternative to Jace's gold eyes in the books. He's also blonde and I think he matches Jace's description pretty well.Jace is being played Dominic Sheerword, who is arguably best known from Taylor Swift's Style music video. He was also in the movie adaptation of Vampire Academy, so he's at least sort of familiar with the world of book to film adaptations.

Clary Fray is being portrayed by Katherine McNamara. She was in a bunch of Disney Channel movies and TV shows that I admit to watching. She's also going to be in The Scorch Trials movie! I don't know how her acting skills are going to be in a show like The Shadowhunters, which I expect will be much more action-paced and intense than some other things she's been in, but I like her as Clary! She fits the character description pretty well with her natural red hair and has greenish-brown eyes. I can't wait to see her play our lead!

Simon Lewis is being played by Alberto Rosende. I'm kind of sad about Simon being re-casted because I actually really liked Robert Sheehan! I still think that Alberto could play a good Simon, though. He definitely looks the part with his glasses. He hasn't been in a lot of movies or films, so I don't know what to think about his acting yet, but I'm keeping an open mind!

Emeraude Toubia is playing Isabelle Lightwood. She's been in a bunch of Spanish TV shows that I have never heard of. Emeraude doesn't quite fit my visualization of Izzy. She does have the black hair and eyes, but I was expecting Izzy to be a bit more pale. I'm more worried, however, about if she'll look related to the actor playing Alec. I can't really tell from pictures, so I'm curious about how they're going to look together on the show.

And then the other Lightwood is being played by Matthew Daddario. Yes, he is related to Alexandra Daddario. So inadvertently, Annabeth Chase is Alec Lightwood's sister... Anyways, I like him as Alec! I didn't really Kevin Zegers (City of Bones Alec) as Alec because he looked much older than eighteen. I haven't seen anything that Matthew is in either, so I don't have much to comment. He doesn't quite have the blue eyes but I still think he'll work nicely as Alec.

Luke Garroway is being played by Isaiah Mustafa. He's been in quite a few TV shows and movies that I haven't watched. Apparently he's also been in some Old Spice commercials,  which I vaguely recall watching, but there's not a lot for me to judge yet. He definitely isn't how I imagined Luke, but in this case, I think a bit of diversity will be fine.

Valentine Morgenstern is being played by Alan Van Sprang. He's been in a bunch of horror movies, which I believe is sufficient preparation for playing our villain. He definitely seems to have that brooding, dark demeanor. Physically, he has pretty angular features, which I think will work for Valentine. However, he is also supposed to have white-blonde hair, which I don't think will look to good on dear ol' Alan.

Our favorite warlock ever, Magnus Bane, is being portrayed by Harry Shum Jr. He's been in quite a few movies and shows including Glee and Step Up Two and Three. I'm super excited to see him as Magnus! He has the brown skin and spiky hair. He seems like he has the charisma and charm, so all we need  now is glitter!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the cast! I like that they're having younger and newer actors on the show. I can't wait to see the pilot and to see the show come together. Are you excited for The Shadowhunters? What are your thoughts and opinions on the cast?

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