April 19, 2015

New Blog Design!

Hi guys! If you haven't noticed yet (seriously, if you haven't yet, you're probably legally blind) or are new to the blog, we got a new look! I've been working on this new template for a while now, but just hadn't gotten around to installing it and tying up all the little loose ends in the design. BUT NOW I HAVE AND YOU GET TO SEE IT IN ALL IT'S SHINEY NEW GLORY. HUZZAH!

I had also designed the old template, but was never really been completely satisfied with it. I grew tired of the color scheme quite quickly and thought that the design itself was rather plain and childish. I kind of wanted to try out a different palette and something a bit more sophisticated.

The new template has the same layout as the old design, but it has a different header, fonts, and color schemes, etc., of course. I had a lot of fun combining different fonts, like in the header and post headers. I'm really proud of the end result.

As I am writing this post, I realize that I don't have a screenshot of what exactly the old design looked like... Oops. It looked something along the lines of this, which is an earlier version of our previous template:

I like to think that I have come a long way in my template designing skills... Anyways, hope you like the new look! If you see any bugs or have any design suggestions feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form. That's it for this post!

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