April 21, 2015


Hi guys! This post is kind of, really, overdue. Like by two months. Oops. But anyways, back in February, Soumya and I [Kaylie] had the honor of meeting Marissa Meyer on her Fairest Tour! It was a ticketed event and I got premier tickets, so for the first time EVER, I didn't have to stand in the back.

I got to the bookstore pretty early, around half an hour before the event started at seven, and got seats around the third or fourth row of seats. I met up with two of my other friends and we just talked and browsed the bookshelves while we waited for the event to start.

Marissa eventually got on stage and she was wearing the cutest little tiara. I really wanted to film parts of the discussion, but my camera didn't have enough memory and just cut off the video if I tried filming for longer than a few minutes. She started out by talking about the plot for Fairest. If you didn't already know, it's the prequel to Cinder and centers around Levana. It begins before Cinder was born and Levana's parents have just been assassinated. The rest of the story follows Levana and her rise to power, etc. After that she read an excerpt from Winter, which was an adorable Jacin and Winter scene. When she finished that, she took a bunch of questions from the audience.

Soumya, my friends, and I all got the chance to ask Marissa a question and since I've waited so long to finish writing this post, I can't quite remember what my question was... Awkward. After that, there was a costume contest, which Soumya talks about more below. We were then excused by rows to get our books signed, AND HURRAH! I didn't have to wait for two hours in line.

It was really fun to experience with my friends and I absolutely cannot wait for Winter!

Soumya: Marissa read us an excerpt from Winter - the entire fourth chapter, actually. She really made her writing come to life and it was super cool to hear her read it out loud. Then, it was question time! I asked her to use one word to describe each of her main characters. Marissa described Cinder as "resourceful" and Winter as "crazy." I forgot exactly what she described Scarlet and Cress as, but it was just as good, I promise. And lastly, there was a costume contest. I had kind of thrown together an outfit of short brown lace-up boots, skinny jeans, a white top and fancy red coat for Scarlet. The girl who won the costume contest, though, definitely deserved it. She was this adorable girl in a frilly dress and shoes but with princess Winter's scars drawn on her face, and the costume was amazing. Then, we waited for about twenty minutes because we were near the front, to get our books signed. I only had Fairest, but Kaylie had them all. You go, girl! We also got a bunch of cool stickers from the sticker contest Marissa had run a while ago, and some postcards and a bookmark too. And then it was back home to do homework. But it was a really fun event, and I'm so glad I got to go. :)

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