February 28, 2015

Soumya's February Wrap-Up

Hi guys!
I can't believe February's come and gone already. Only a month and a half until spring break! Anyways, I'm just going to warn you guys that this post is going to be all over the place. One of the advantages of a wrap-up is that I can fill it up with all sorts of stuff that was going to be a post but ended up being too short.

This month, I read a decent amount. Again, I'm trying to read 200 (250, optimally) books this year, but since I'm probably going to fall into a slump at some point, I'm trying to read a book a day in order to build up a sort of a cushion. I'm already over 1/4 of the way there, and again, it's only the end of February. I had 3 less days to read this month, but I still read 37 books (as of February 25th). That's 9 more than last month! I finished a few series this month, started another few, and also read a bunch of standalones. As far as I can tell, 4 of them were rereads. (Scarlet, Alice I Have Been, Fangirl, and The List.) I got to meet Marissa Meyer on her Fairest tour, so that was another bookish plus. I also went to a foreign country over ski break, and of course I visited a bookstore. It was so cool to see the different versions of covers! I forgot to take pictures, so just take my word that they were just as cool as ours, if not better. I also started listening to an audiobook (this is very rare) which is If Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns by Mindy Kaling. It's narrated by Mindy herself, making it even funnier, truer, and more entertaining. Love it! I joined a library club (Yes, I'm that much of a nerd.) But, at least we get dibs on new books! New books for life. Recently, I've read a bunch of terrible books and am really scared of falling into a slump. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen.

Here are the pictures of everything I read this month, as of February 25th. My most recent read was Complete Nothing and Alice I Have Been was the oldest.

Okay, so this challenge is going great! I'm done with 6 challenges and on my 7th currently. And it's only MARCH. So I'm way ahead of schedule. I should have been done with 2-4 right now, but instead, I'm done with 6. I did 2 last month, which means I did 4 this month. Dude. *Starts singing* For the first time in forever...okay, you can stop plugging your ears. Anyways, for a quick recap of January, go here. Then, look below more info on February's challenges, and the drawing for #10!

Challenge #7- A Book You Didn't Understand The First Time

For this challenge, I reread Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin. I received this book as a gift, and when I read it I was way too young to understand some of the stuff that happened. But this time around, I not only completely understood this book but enjoyed it quite a bit.

Challenge #3- Randomly Chosen Library Book

I picked this book from the graphic novel section. The book I ended up picking was The Eternal Smile. I actually liked it quite a bit - it wasn't a favorite or anything, but it was a lot better than I thought a random book would be.

Challenge #19- Reread A Series - Without The First or Second Book

For this weird challenge, I reread Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, which was perfect because I met Marissa last month! The first book is Cinder, and as of now, the last one is Cress. I love love love this series and can't wait for Winter!

Challenge #9- Cover Judge

For this challenge, I picked up The Vault of Dreamers without even knowing what it was about, just because I liked the cover. I ended up liking the book a fair bit - it was a bit too predictable and there honestly was no action, but it was pretty good for a typical dystopian novel!

I honestly didn't really enjoy most of the books I read this month. They either totally failed my very-anticipated expectations, like Cruel Beauty, or were just plain bad, like The Hunt. However, there were a few good books, so I'm going to highlight one of my favorites here and one of my least favorites.

Favorite: Even In Paradise by Chelsea Philpot

So, it's easiest to compare this book to We Were Liars. I really enjoyed that book, so I thought I would enjoy it. I was right. As usual. ;) So there's the really rich family. There's the person who befriends one of the super rich kids. There's the almost-in-the-background-but-not-quite romance. There's the tragedy. Most times I feel like books that are too much like other books are cliches, but in this case, I didn't mind it. There was so much to love about this book. The cover. The main character. The cover. The plot. The backstory. The cover. But in all seriousness, I fell for this book. Hard. I was reading it on the plane and the plane landed and I didn't even notice and get out of my seat until some lady started clearing her throat and shooting me death glare. Sorry, lady! I just got to the end. Read this book if you like plot twists. Cutesy but complicated love. And the craziest best friend ever. Zusana may even have to move over. Maybe.

Least Favorite: Michael Vey Battle of the Ampere by Richard Paul Evans

In this series, the books are basically about these electric kids with weird powers, and this super bad guy named Hatch and his minions are hunting them down. So, I really liked the first two books in this series, even though sci-fi isn't really my thing. I had gotten warnings from my friends that this 3rd book was terrible, but I didn't fully realize how terrible it was until I got into it. The writing was sloppy, the dialogue was weak, there was no character development, and NOTHING HAPPENED. Seriously. It was a waste of however much time I spent on it and 350ish pages. This book was a huge disappointment. There was no exciting action or heart-stopping scenes like the other books. So then, I was like, maybe it's setting the scene for the next book? So I read the next book. It was better, thankfully, but there was only 1 or 2 references to the previous book. So, I read the entire book for no benefit or enjoyment at all. And this series is 7 books long! I don't think I'm going to continue the series unless the books get waaaay better.

This month, I got to watch two movies (both on the airplane) that were originally a book. I watched If I Stay and also The Mortal Instruments-City of Bones. Read this if you want my take on them! I'm also gonna go see The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies over the weekend. Finally. I may do a movie/book review of all the Hobbit movies since that's the last one, but maybe not. It depends. Stay tuned!

I actually bought a handful of books this month! In chronological order, I purchased Fairest by Marissa Meyer (to get personalized during the Fairest tour!) Stung by Bethany Wiggins, Bad Girls Don't Die, From Bad To Cursed, and As Dead As It Gets by Katie Alender. I've finished the first four books and just started on the fifth. Five books in a month is pretty crazy for me...what's going on?

Due to the descriptive title of this section, you learned... nothing. There wasn't really another way to categorize the random stuff that I liked/that happened this month, though. Taylor Swift's new music video for Style came out! It wasn't as good as Blank Space, but it was still pretty cool. Imagine Dragon's new album, Smoke + Mirrors, also came out. The Grammys happened, the Oscars happened, life went on. Kanye West had another moment. There were some amazingly inspirational Oscar speeches. Glory, by Common and John Legend, is my new favorite song. I finally went shopping. I selected courses for next year. ALREADY. I started counting down the days to spring break. ALREADY. It's almost shorts and sandals season where I live. ALREADY.

That's it for this wrap-up and bit of a rant. I hope you enjoyed!

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February 24, 2015

Top Ten Heroines

Hi guys!
It's time for another TTT post, as usual, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is Top Ten Heroines in books/movies/tv. I'm going to try to stick to books, because this is a book blog, but we'll see where this goes. Just to make this a bit more interesting, I'm going to avoid the super common ones (AKA Katniss and Tris).

This is in no order particularly, just what comes to mind.

1. Graceling by Kristen Cashore

Katsa- This girl has a Grace to kill, which is just as scary as it sounds. She's battling some massive internal demons. She kicks butt. She falls in love while kicking butt. Katsa does it all!

2. Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

Celeana Sardothein- She is the most persistent, brave, sarcastically funny, kick-butt assassin I know. To be honest, she's probably the first one who would have come to mind if I hadn't been reading the companion to Graceling, Fire, yesterday.

3. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor is a bit different from the previous two heroines. She's not an assassin, but instead, she faces abuse, harassment, and bullying, but she goes through it all with a brave face and manages to overcome her situation. Eleanor doesn't depend on Park the way some female protagonists do, instead, Rainbow uses Park as a way to further develop Eleanor's character and help us better understand her background. Eleanor is a different kind of heroine, but a really brave one.

4. Harry Potter 1-7 by J.K. Rowling

Hermione Granger is once again, different from the other heroines featured so far. Hermione's brave and loyal, and she will do anything to save and protect what she loves. She's intelligent and flaunts it. Hermione can be awkward at times, and more often than not she isn't the most likeable person around. But that's what makes Hermione real, what makes her relateable and understandable. She makes this list because she's courageous, extremely smart, and owns it.

5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Liesel is on this list for reasons similar to Eleanor. Her life is tough. Her parents and siblings are dead, her adoptive mother is sometimes abusive, she lives in poverty, and she's in the middle of the Holocaust. But even though tragedy often strikes, Liesel is brave and overcomes whatever obstacles life throws in her way.

6. A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Gemma Doyle is great heroine because faces lots of extremely difficult choices and tasks but always manages to maneuver through them and figure out how to create a happily ever after. Ish. Gemma's faced lots of discrimination, but she doesn't let it get in the way of her goals and aspirations.

7. Scandal

Scandal is not a book, it's a TV show. I watched a bit of it before abandoning it because I felt like all the episodes were too similar, but the lead in Scandal is Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington.) Olivia's in charge of cleaning up all the "scandals" in the DC area, and she's a heroine because she has to make extremely difficult choices to save lives and reputations, but she does it so well. Her job is crazy hard and there are a lot of ethical issues with what she does, so it's awesome to see how she owns it.

8. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Here, I refer to the movie and the book. I loved The Help by Kathryn Stockett. And it had one of the most unusual heroines you could think of: Aibileen. She's an African-American maid who raises the children of white women who don't have time. Armed with her wit, wisdom, and her sassy best friend, Missy, Aibileen takes on the world (or just Mississippi) and changes lots of lives for the better.

9. The Avengers

Black Widow, AKA Natalia Romanova, kicks major butt while saving the lives of her friends and the general public. She's beautiful, lethal, brilliant, and someone you definitely don't want to cross.

10. Twilight

Bella Swan is someone who can't make up her mind, can't function without a man, and is generally quite stupid unless she is quoting Wikipedia. By the way, this one's a joke.

That's it for this post! As usual, these are just my overly opinionated opinions. If you're a Twilight fan, by all means, be one. What did you think? Tell me down below.

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February 20, 2015

Judging Books By Their Covers

Hello all, Christina here!  For this post, I have decided to do exactly what you're not supposed to, and judge a bunch of books by their covers.  Basically, using the cover(s) and title(s) of the following book(s), I will create a short story of what I feel they say the book(s) is/are about.
Please note that this is just for fun.  The covers of these books are beautiful, and I mean no offense to the book's authors, cover designers/illustrators, or fans.  All that you read below comes from my personal, kooky interpretation of these covers.  Enjoy!

~          ~          ~

1. The Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer

Once upon a time there was a girl.  Her name was Apple, because the only things she ever ate were apples (and only red ones, at that).  She was also nocturnal, and woke up at twilight every evening.
As you can imagine, this deeply concerned her parents.  So, they decided to send their pale, malnourished child on a quest to find another food she could eat.  They'd also made some big speech about "coming of age" and all that stuff, but Apple hadn't really been paying attention at the time.  She had beaten that one really hard level in that stupid candy moving game, however.
Anyway, as her parents went to bed, Apple woke up, filled her backpack with apples, and set out into the forest to look for other foods.
Since it was a new moon that night, Apple couldn't see, and kept crashing into things.  At one point, she tried to walk around a rosebush, but tripped over one of the vines, cut her thumb, and got blood all over one of the rose's white blossoms.  "Stupid plant," she'd muttered, sucking on her thumb as she walked away.
The final straw, however, was three nights later, when she got her red hair ribbon caught on a tree branch, and heard a horrible ripping sound.
"That does it!" she exclaimed, "I'm not even sure why I'm on this stupid quest!  I'm going home!"
By the time Apple returned to her house, dawn was breaking.  She froze when she saw a "sold" sign on her front lawn.  Immediately, she ran to the door and started knocking.
A middle-aged man in a bathrobe and slippers answered the door.  "Can I help you?" he mumbled sleepily, taking a sip from a chipped coffee mug.
"Uh, who the heck are you?"
"Oh, are you Apple?"
"...yes," she answered warily.
"The people selling this house told me about you.  Were they your parents?"
She nodded.
"You got yourself some pretty lame parents, kid.  Hot chocolate?" he gestured at the mug in his hand, "There's more in the kitchen."
Apple had only ever had apple juice before, but she had run out of apples, and her stomach was making weird noises, so she agreed.
The two played chess while they sipped hot chocolate, and, while Apple was horrible at chess, she kept persuading the kind man, whose name was Jed, to play one more game.  She was learning.
Besides, the hot chocolate really wasn't all that bad.

~          ~          ~

2. The Lunar Chronicles books #1-3 by Marissa Meyer

Once upon a time there was a very stylish amputee named Cindscaress who, even those it was completely impractical, loved to wear high heels.  She was often tripping and falling over because of this, but it was okay, because heels complimented her thighs, not to mention they made her look fabulous.
Her best friend was a very proper person named Cresindlet who, in the name of fashion, had grown her hair out to nearly a mile long.  She didn't want it to drag on the ground, so she lived in a tall tower in the middle of the woods.  People got in and out by use of her nice rope ladder, for, as Cresindlet claimed, doors were so last year.  In reality, however, she used a ladder because she wasn't stupid enough to dangle her hair out the window and have people climb that.  That would just be uncivilized.
Because Cresindlet's tower had no central heating system (her hair could get in the fireplace!), she often caught colds.  So, our tale begins one day when Cindscaress was walking through the woods by herself with a basket of cookies, soup, and gossip magazines for her friend to eat and read while she recuperated.
After Cindscaress tripped for the billionth time, barely catching herself before she slammed her face into the ground, just like she had all the other ninety-nine million times (years of falling had given her superb reflexes).  Her red cape (red and capes were all the rage) billowed around her in the sudden rush of wind.  She didn't mind very much, though, because she was too busy staring at the four giant hairy paws by her face.
"Ew," Cindscaress said, getting to her feet and automatically spitting insults, "Don't touch me.  This makeup cost more than you make yearly, and it took two days to put on.  Nothing you could pull of, either.  Who do you think you are?"
The giant hairy paws, it turned out, belonged to a giant hairy wolf with evil, gleaming red eyes and lots of very sharp teeth.  He glared at her, quite offended, and snapped back, "...Well, at least I have all four limbs intact," and stomped off doing his best not to appear emotionally wounded.
Shrugging off the weird encounter, Cindscaress continued on her way.  Some time later, she reached her friend's house.  Cresindlet let down the ladder, and Cindscaress climbed her way up, being careful to not mess up her expensively dyed hair.
The two friends shared the lovely food Cindscaress had brought, and the incident was quickly forgotten by them, but not the wolf.  He opened a gossip magazine company, and soon became the most popular in all the land.  So, I guess you could say that in the end, everyone lived happily ever after.  Except the people the magazine gossiped about.

~          ~          ~

3. The Newsoul trilogy (and novella), by Jodi Meadows

Once upon a time, there was this girl who had butterfly wings for eyelashes.  They made her face look very awesome, but they were a big nuisance.  She couldn't go swimming, because the wings would get soggy and flop in her eyes.  She couldn't wear sunglasses, because it was so uncomfortable, so, whenever the sun shone on her, the shiny wings reflected all the sunlight into her eyes.
The worst part, however, was whenever she blinked, the butterfly wings would flap.  Loudly.
So, you can imagine why what happened next happened after the girl had gone through an embarrassing day in which the sun's glare on her eye wings had made her cry, and, during a moment of silence at a school assembly, she had gotten something in her eye, blinked rapidly so her wings flapped like crazy, and attracted the stares of everyone in the entire school.
She hid behind the dumpsters in the school parking lot and cried until her wings stopped flapping.  As she got up, she noticed a strange lamp. It had an intricate, cool phoenix design on the side, and looked like it was made of gold.
The girl, knowing that this was obviously a genie lamp, eagerly picked it up and rubbed it.  A genie materialized in a puff of golden smoke.  He looked like a teenage boy about her age, with a cool phoenix tattoo over on eye, and red hair so artificial it hurt your eyes when you looked directly at it.
"Congratulations, you get three wishes," he said, in a bored tone of voice.  "What'll it be?"
The girl blinked a few times, then tentatively asked, "Can you make my wings go away?"
"Sure," said the genie, "You want them gone completely, or should I just change them into something else?"
"Well," said the girl, "My wings make me unique, but they're really annoying.  Maybe if they weren't butterfly wings, they wouldn't be as lame.  Can you change them to something less weird?"
The genie nodded, waved his hands around mysteriously, and then clapped his hands.  The girl felt a strong urge to close her eyes.  She did so, and when she opened them, saw the genie holding out a mirror.  She took it, and gasped in surprise.  Instead of wings, now she had a beautiful floral arrangement artistically arranged around her eyes.
She blinked, and a few small petals floated gently around her face.  The sweet smell of cherry blossoms filled the air.  "It's perfect!" she exclaimed, hugging the genie.  She rubbed the lamp again, and he disappeared in another puff of smoke.
For the next few months, everything was wonderful.  The girl was popular, her beautiful flower eyelashes the buzz on all the social media.  The genie lamp sat in the back of her closet, buried under a pile of clothes, forgotten.
But, everything changed when spring, the season of allergies, attacked.  Those flowers, once so artsy and fragrant, started spewing yellow pollen everywhere.  The school had to be closed down, because everyone's allergies were getting so bad.
Eyes streaming and nose gushing, the girl fought through the coats, shoes, and other clothing articles in her mess of a closet, and found the genie lamp.
"What'll it be?"
"C-change my eyes!" she begged, blowing her nose for the nine hundred and eightieth time, "Change them to anything, as long as it won't give anyone allergies!"
He waved his hands and clapped, and, immediately, everyone's noses and eyes cleared.  The girl grabbed the mirror, eager to see what her new face looked like.
Soft, majestic black and green feathers fluttered majestically every time she blinked.  "Thank you," she whispered, grinning.
Once again, her face was all the rage.  She died her hair green, began to wear only black, and wrote deep, emotional poems in a little green notebook she always carried with her.  Everyone copied her, getting fake feather eyelashes, books, and hipster hairstyles of their own.
For six months, life was perfect.  If not for molting season, she might have remained popular indefinitely.  But, life is not a wish-granting factory...unless you have a genie, that is.
In between frantically scratching her face as feathers flew everywhere, the girl managed to rub the lamp.
The genie appeared, but this time something about him seemed different.  "You've only got one wish left, you know.  You should use it wisely."
"Wisely?" she sobbed, rubbing her eyes furiously, "What do you mean, 'wisely'?!"
The genie smiled patiently.  "I mean, don't spend it on your face."
The girl looked up at him, with her raw, red, bleary eyes.  "What would you wish for, Mister Wise-guy?"
"I'd wish for a friend," he said softly.
The next day, two new, unfamiliar people arrived at school, one boy, one girl.  They both had phoenix tattoos on their faces, genie lamps in their backpacks, and completely ordinary eyelashes.

~          ~          ~

Well, that concludes this post.  Thanks for reading!  Comment below with your thoughts, or covers you think I should judge next.  If you guys really like this, I might make it an annual thing! :)

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February 18, 2015

Bookish Movie Reviews

Hey guys!

I just got back from my trip, and on the plane, I got to watch two movies that were adaptations of young adult books. Those movies were If I Stay and City of Bones. So, I decided to do mini movie reviews for both!

If I Stay:

I actually really enjoyed this movie. Chloe Grace Mortez is a really good actress, and she made Mia come to life. I loved the way all the relationships were detailed in the film. Not only the relationship between Mia and Adam, but between Mia and Teddy, Mia and her parents, Mia and her grandparents, her grandparents and her parents, and Mia and her cello, to name a few. I teared up (tore up?) while watching this movie. It's definitely an emotional journey. As a self-proclaimed fashionista too, I liked seeing all of Mia's outfits. Lastly, there was some great music throughout the movie. The movie wasn't completely true to the book, but it came pretty dang close. I give this a fantastical 4 stars!

City of Bones:

As much as I loved If I Stay, this movie was bad enough for me to say I hated it. The casting was terrible, and the acting was even worse. I don't mean to say the actors aren't talented, just that the roles didn't fit them well. Jace didn't come off as a jerk at all, which Cassandra Clare wrote really well, and that just disappeared. The whole scene during Clary's birthday (yeah, that one) lacked emotion and just felt like someone was bored while reading their lines. The only good thing, I think, was that Simon looked pretty cute. Even though I ship Simon/Isabelle and Clary/Jace. Alec had little to no role in the movie, and so did the Silent Brothers and Magnus. The movie was very inaccurate in comparison to the book, and by the end of 2 hours, I was severely bored and wanted to fast-forward. That's never a good sign, guys. So, this movie only gets 1 star. 1/2 star for Simon, and 1/2 star because I'm feeling generous. I will, however, try out the TV show. I really hope it's better, because I'm looking forward to a good adaptation of these books.

That's it for this post! Have you seen either of these movies? What did you think? Tell me down below in the comments!

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February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Reads!

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a while! I have to register for high school courses super soon and school has kept me busy. So don't worry if I don't blog for a while, I haven't been abducted by aliens or anything. But right now, I'm on ski break so I have a few days of peace and books. So since it's Valentine's Day, I decided it would fitting to share some of my recommendations for romance-y reads! (Also, if you would like to add a book on goodreads, click on the cover. If you want to buy it, I'll have book depository links!)

1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! It's about a girl named Lara Jean and she writes love letters. One for each boy she's ever loved- five in total. In each letter, Lara Jean has writes down all of her feelings and they are hidden away in a hat box, to be mailed only once she is ready to move one. But one day, the letters are accidentally mailed and Lara Jean's life.

What I really like about this book was that it didn't go where I though it would. It's not only about romance, but family too. Also, the sequel comes out soon in April!
Buy on the Book Depository!

2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
I also recommend any of the Stephanie's other books and you can see my review of Isla and the Happily Ever After, if you're curious. ;)

 So this book is about a girl named Anna and for her senior year, her dad makes her move to France to attend a boarding school. Anna has to leave her friends and crush behind. However Anna eventually makes new friends in France, including Ã‰tienne St. Clair, who she beings to develop feelings for. Unfortunately, he's already taken...

I definitely suggest reading this book if you just want a cutesy romance book and it's perfect for Valentine's Day!
Buy on the Book Depository!

3. Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Rebel Belle is a fantasy novel about a girl named Harper Price. Harper's ready to win homecoming queen until something strange happens at the dance and she finds herself with... superpowers? Turns out she's now a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with lethal fighting instinct and enhanced agility and strength. But Harper finds she's charged to protect David, her arch nemesis. But of course, she begins to develop feeling for him and things get complicated.

I had so much fun reading Rebel Belle. The characters are so quirky and it's a really entertaining read. Definitely recommend if you want to try a quick fantasy read with a contemporary feel.
Buy on the Book Depository!

Okay, I hope you found a new book to read this Valentine's Day! Any Valentine's Day reads you recommend? Comment below! AND WHO CARES ABOUT OTHER HUMANS WHEN YOU HAVE BOOKS?
But sorry again for not posting, I might be absent for a while because of life. Thanks for reading!

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February 6, 2015

Mini Library Haul

Hi guys!
So, for me, ski break is coming up next week, and since I'll be out of town, I won't be posting from the 11th to the 17th. I promise I'll think of you guys though ;)

Since that's about all I have to say, I'll just write about my mini library book haul below. In Neverland (where I live, duh) a new library just opened!
I may or may not have actually danced like this.
So, I went and checked out 5 new books. I'm probably going to devour them all on my plane flight next week. These are books that have been on my TBR forever, so I'm really excited to read them.

1. Winger by Andrew Smith

This book is about a named Ryan Dean who attends a boarding school and sort of how he lives through high school and of course there has to be drama. There are also illustrations, apparently, because the main character's a cartoonist so I'm really excited to delve into this book. Kaylie liked this book as well, and the cover seems interesting, so I'm going to give this one a try.

2. Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kennealy

This book is about Annie, who's training to run a marathon (whoa!) There's a cute running partner and a love story that I'm really excited to read. Like Annie, I used to hate running. But I'm starting to like it a bit, so I'm interested in whether my feelings match Annie's or not. Plus, the plot seems cute.

3. Even In Paradise by Chelsea Philpot

This book reminds me of We Were Liars. There's the elusive family, the friend, the handsome older brother. I love the cover of this book, and the plot has hooked me in. Hope it's a good one!

4. Hunt for Jade Dragon by Richard Paul Evans

These books are about electric kids and super-bad guys who are eager to stop them no matter what. I LOVED the first two books in this series, but I detested the third one. So, I'm a bit apprehensive to read the fourth one, but I hope it's like the first two.

5. The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M O'Brien

Classic plot twist: The school that is supposed to be helping you but is actually run by the bad guys. I just hope it's not too much of a cliché. This one's been on my TBR ever since I saw the cover. Love, love, love.

Bonus Book (That I bought!) Fairest by Marissa Meyer

This book is the prequel to Cinder and it's about Levana's life before Cinder was born... I just met Marissa Meyer on her latest book tour, and I got a my copy of Fairest personalized! I'm really excited to read this one.

That's it for this little update and mini book haul! Tell me what you think of these books in the comments below!
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