December 3, 2014

Monthly Wrap Up: November 2014

Hi guys! I've realized that we posted a lot in November… then just kind of fizzled out in the last week (Thanksgiving break? Is that an excuse?). I guess that a majority of our posts were Soumya's short, daily HP Challenge posts, so maybe that doesn't count. But anyways, onto the happenings on the blog and in our very (un)eventful lives!

In Our Lives:
I think I can safely say, that a lot of book nerds are now broke after black friday book shopping. I am among those people (book haul coming soon?). November was also my birthday month! I got some books and some gift cards that I obviously used to by books. So all in all, November was pretty good for me.

On the Blog:
First of all, shiny new social media buttons!
I went on a bit of a social media rampage this month, all for the sake of the blog, of course. I got a twitter, pinterest, and bloglovin' account. You can view all of these accounts by clicking on the respective icons in the sidebar (see that I did not include links here, because I want you to click the buttons in all their glory). Shout out to Stephanie of These Paper Hearts, for her awesome tutorial for creating these icons!

I have also become Book Depository affiliate, so if you by anything off the Book Depository using this link we get a small profit that will help support our blog. Don't worry, I will not spam you guys with ads (I hate ads too) or anything. There is just going to be a banner in the sidebar and links to buy the books we review off the site. If you feel like I'm ever spamming you, please feel free to tell via the contact form or social media.

Okay, now all our posts from November:
Soumya did another Dressing Up post for the book All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill
Soumya's 30 Day Harry Potter Challenge, which involved answering a bunch of questions about Harry Potter daily. You can see all of her posts on that here.
Soumya and I collaborated on another Fandom News Post.
Soumya talked about Reading Slumps and created a lovely gift guide for bibliophiles. She also shared her top ten books she would reread and top ten characters she would get their own book.
I posted October's Wrap Up a little bit late.
Christina FINALLY finished her first solo post, which was a fun library haul!
Soumya shared her thoughts on The Young Elites by Marie Lu.
I discussed all my feels on The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan.
Soumya raved about I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson and shared some books she hauled.
And last, but not least, Milli wrote another, Who Would Win the Hunger Games? post! See how some of your favorite literary redheads fared in the arena.

In December:
On the blog's instagram, I am participating in the #DECBOOKCHALLENGE14. Follow the account to keep up with that!

A photo posted by Kaylie (@whenthewordsend) on

I would like to get an End of the Year Survey up around the end of December, so look out for that. I didn't really get any of my planned post for November out, so instead, I hope to get a mini review post out, a Black Friday book haul once I get all of my books I ordered online shipped, and maybe an end of the year book tour? I don't have a lot planned out, so we'll see how things turn out. However, December is when we have finals and Winter Break, so we might not be able to post as much :(

Happy Soon to Be Holidays!

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