December 10, 2014

Fandom News (5)

Hey guys!
We haven't done a Fandom News post in a while, but today I stumbled across something hilarious that quickly made it into a new list. And it is....

Texts from the Harry Potter universe! These had me in fits of laughter.

Any 1D fans out there? This Steal My Girl and Mockingjay remix parody is too good to not watch.

We've all dreamed of attending Hogwarts at one point (like yesterday) and now, that dream may come true due to this! If you want more information, go here.

Cumber- uh, babes, rejoice! Benedict Cumberbatch now has a new movie role: as Dr. Strange from the Marvel Comics. I, for one, will be reading those comics as soon as possible. Like now. Read more about it here.

TIME magazine has finally made one of the most-wanted lists of the year: Top 10 YA Books Of 2014. Make sure to check it out!

This is kind of one of the most funniest things ever. Watch Cara Delevigne and John Green have a very serious discussion.

Are you guys just as excited as us for Sarah J Mass's new novel? Read the first chapter here.

The first still from Insurgent is here! And, it comes with even better news: a surprise on 12/12! The still is below. What do you guys think?

And while this doesn't really apply to anyone, as a side note, I saw Mockingjay last week. I loved it! It was intense and the ending left me hanging. 2015, care to come around a bit sooner? I need the next movie. So badly. But meanwhile, there's Paper Towns, Insurgent, and The Hobbit 3 to help.

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