December 17, 2014

Dressing Up - Afterworlds Edition

Hey guys!
After recently purchasing a signed copy of Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld, I spent a really long time reading it. Like 12 days. It was an okay book, pretty good but not one of the best I've read. The ending seemed kind of abrupt and I didn't like the way the chapters alternated. Westerfeld did an awesome job ending a chapter on a cliff-hanger and then switching perspectives, but it backfired. Because I wanted to know what happened so bad, I would often not read the next chapter well enough. Also, the love stories kind of lacked meaning and sucked. But this book did have some cool factors and good points. And even though there wasn't much fashion in it, but I thought it would be fun to design two outfis for the flipside and two for the regular side. Flipside, darkside, whatever. You know what I mean. The land of the dead and all that ;)

Outfit #1-
*This is an Flipside inspired look for a special occasion.*
Black joggers are a trendy twist on comfy pants for lounging around in the afterworld.
Galaxy print TOMS are literally out of this world, adding some interest to your outfit.
A dark sparkly top lets you transform what looks like pajamas into a party-ready look.
Add an edgy necklace, and you can't go wrong.
A black bucket bag holds all your essentials.


Outfit #2-
*This outfit is inspired by Darcy's experiences with New York.*
This quirky graphic tee is something that goes with everything. A win-win!
Cuff these dark wash jeans for a cool touch.
Add a pair of printed slip on Vans to jazz up your look while staying comfy walking through NYC.
A bright blazer instantly adds polish to the aforementioned tee and jeans.
Add a delicate ear cuff for an unexpected pop!


Outfit #3
*This Darkside look is perfect for a date, girl's night out, or, y'know, ghost hunting*
While this romper may seem a more summery piece of clothing, a pair of black tights will instantaneously make it weather appropriate.
Black boots will keep your feet warm, comfy, and looking cute.
Add a gorgeous statement necklace because, well...
And while you're at it, a beautiful smoky eye wouldn't hurt either. This palette makes it super easy.


Outfit #4
*This is a regular-world (because that's a thing) look that was inspired by finals. It's basically a really comfy but cute look that works for taking tests, watching Netflix, or day-long writing sessions.*

Start with a basic sweater and then expand from there.
These leggings are comfortable enough to live in.
A beautiful printed headwrap is a unique but cool accessory.
Continue the artsy vibe with this gold bracelet.
A pair of fur-lined moccassins finish up the look.

That's it for this Dressing Up post! Do you guys like the outfits I came up with? Will you be rocking them anytime soon? Let me know in the comments!

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