December 29, 2014

2015 Reading Challenge

Hi guys!

First, some interesting news. I took a challenge on the Internet, where BBC gives you a list of 100 books. They say most people have only read 6 of them. So, I went through them, and I found that I've read 20!!!! And that, too, in my very short life so far. A bunch of them are on my TBR (for when I have a lotta time) and a bunch of them are also going to be required reading in school at some point. Catcher In The Rye, anyone? Take the quiz here if you're interested.

Anyways, I decided that 2015 is going to be a fantastic reading year for me. I'm taking on yet another reading challenge! But, be warned, this one is a bit different than the others. For one thing, I have the entire year to complete it. Second, it's a reading challenge I made up. Third, this challenge goes farther than just books. There's also lifestyle challenges, because at some point, we need to do something other than read. (But they're book-related, don't worry.) A fourth thing is that it's short, because I've found that reading challenges sometimes stop me from actually reading what makes me happy. And I only read for happiness. And school assignments.

This challenge was in part inspired by Katytastic's TBR Jar Challenge 2015.

By "inspired", I mean that I'm using a mason jar for this challenge. I just got one as part of a gift set and I'm dying to use it for something! On a complete side note, isn't Kat's bookshelf gorgeous?

Now announcing the 2015 Reading Challenge! There are 24 challenges below, but you only have to draw 16. Write all the challenges on a slip of paper, stick 'em in something, and pull. No need to write the loong explanations below. Sum it up. So, pacing-wise, I suggest one a month, and maybe one more if you have break or if life is a bit slower than usual.

1. Read a book you didn't finish the first time around.

2. Go to the library. Walk around. Close your eyes. Spin around. Grab a book and READ IT. You get 1 redo, if, say, you end up with 50 Shades Of Gray or something. *Shudders*

3. Make a 12 song long playlist inspired by books. It can be quotes, titles, even themes. Choose songs that you would willingly listen to! Then listen.

4. Have someone whose recommendations you never listen to recommend you a book. Then read.

5. Make a bookmark! Use a quote that you love. The less tacky, the better ;)

6. Read a classic.

7. Read a book you didn't understand the first time around.

8. *Sort of a freebie* Get to any book that was on your TBR!

9. Judge a book by it's cover. Without reading the synopsis, choose a book based on the cover to read.

10. Read a book that won an award.

11. Read a book and analyze it/sticky-note it like it was an assignment for English. I'm personally hoping I don't draw this one. But it might be interesting.

12. Read a book by an author who is from a different country.

13. Read a book with a protag that's different than you in at least three ways. Some options are gender, sexuality, where they live, family organization, age, etc. You can be creative with this one.

14. Read a book while walking. Around the house/in the backyard is fine, but if you dare, go where your neighbors can see you!

15. Listen to an audiobook that's at least 6 hours long. Not in one setting, of course.

16. Go around the world! Find a book that takes place in at least 3 countries.

17. Host a book club with friends. Pick a book, and have everyone bring a food item related to it. Eat.

18. On the food topic, make yourself a drink or dessert based off a book. If you're vlogging/blogging it, give us the recipe too!

19. Reread a book in a series/trilogy that's not the first or the last.

20. Take a selfie with a book. Or with tons of books. If you have an Instagram or a Twitter, post it and tag us @whenthewordsend!

21. Read a book published before you were born.

22. Read a book published in 2015.

23. Read a 2015 debut.

24. Read something that's not a novel! Non-fiction, graphic novel, poetry, etc.

That's it for now! Sign up for this challenge by commenting on the post below.

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