November 18, 2014

Review: The Blood of Olympus

Title: The Blood of Olympus
Author: Rick Riordan
Pages: 502
Publication: October 7th 2014 by Disney-Hyperion
Series: The Heroes of Olympus #5
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Though the Greek and Roman crew members of the Argo II have made progress in their many quests, they still seem no closer to defeating the earth mother, Gaea. Her giants have risen—all of them—and they're stronger than ever. They must be stopped before the Feast of Spes, when Gaea plans to have two demigods sacrificed in Athens. She needs their blood—the blood of Olympus—in order to wake.

The demigods are having more frequent visions of a terrible battle at Camp Half-Blood. The Roman legion from Camp Jupiter, led by Octavian, is almost within striking distance. Though it is tempting to take the Athena Parthenos to Athens to use as a secret weapon, the friends know that the huge statue belongs back on Long Island, where it "might" be able to stop a war between the two camps.

The Athena Parthenos will go west; the Argo II will go east. The gods, still suffering from multiple personality disorder, are useless. How can a handful of young demigods hope to persevere against Gaea's army of powerful giants? As dangerous as it is to head to Athens, they have no other option. They have sacrificed too much already. And if Gaea wakes, it is game over. 

My Thoughts:

Let me start by saying, I HATE IT WHEN SERIES END. I've become very attached to Percy over the course of ten books. And as you can imagine, I am very devastated to see the books end and say goodbye to the crew of the Argo II. Because this is the conclusion to such a great series, I'm going to divulge straight into the spoilers and my thoughts, predictions, and feels, so if you haven't read The Blood of Olympus, or any of The Heroes of Olympus books, go read them, and then come back to discuss. This review probably won't be as formal as some of my other reviews because I have too many feels to comprehend things normally.  

My initial reaction upon finishing the books was naturally this:

I just can't believe that it's actually, legitimately over. I have a tiny sliver of hope that we'll still see some cameos of our beloved characters in Magus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (if you want to read more about said series, click here). It is also hinted at in the book that Magnus is Annabeth's cousin when she's talking about her family before the world ends. So yeah, I'm looking really forward to that!

Ironically, I'm going to talk about the ending first. I know some people thought it was too happy. No one actually died for real! I know it seems a bit too perfect to be true, but honestly, I am completely fine with a happy ending. I actually liked what happened, but the problem I have is that too much was left unresolved. I would have loved this book so much more if Rick Riordan had taken the time to write just one more chapter or an epilogue or something! I WANT TO SEE LEO GO BACK TO CAMP HALF BLOOD AND EVERYONE TO KNOW HE'S NOT REALLY DEAD! The other thing I thought was left unresolved was that stupid riddle Reyna got about her love life. If Rick Riordan could write and novella or short story about her falling in love and finding the perfect guy, that would be so awesome! If you agree, we can start a petition. OH MY GOD. WHAT IF REYNA FALLS IN LOVE WITH MAGNUS? Are they called demigods in Norse Mythology?

Okay, now for fangirl rage. RICK?! WHY NO PERCY OR ANNABETH or Frank or Hazel CHAPTERS?! I was about half way through the book when I realized there were no chapters in Percy or Annabeth's or any of the other sevens' POV. Just Nico, Reyna, Leo, Jason, and Piper. I don't hate the characters like I know some others do but I was so upset. I totally understand why TLH and TSoN had more explicit points of view, but I really wish that Blood of Olympus had all of them, like in HoH and MoA. As the final book, as the conclusion, you want to hear from all of the characters. I don't think any of us realized while reading The House of Hades, that the last Percy or Annabeth or Frank or Hazel chapter you read, was really the last one you'd read. 

However, I can see why this is might have been a wise move on Rick's part. I'm not sure about you, but because we only heard from those five perspectives, we get to learn more about them and grow more attached. I feel like the characters he chose to write about were less understood or liked or respected by the readers as much as the others. I personally began to like Piper and Jason more and was happy to learn more about Reyna and Nico. And well, I always loved Leo, but it was nice to see more of his thoughts (Well that doesn't sound creepy at all…). BUT STILL. RICK! WHY?!? 

Next thing I want to talk about is the relationships. Not just romantic ones, the friendships too. Rick Riordan creates the cutest ships. EVER. I SHIP IT ALL. Prepare for straight out fangirling in 3…2…1.

OHMYGOSHNICOANDWILLNICOANDWILLNICOANDWILLAPPARENTLYIHAVELOSTALLABILITYTOPROPERLYGRAMMERANDPUCTUATION. *Ahem*. I think it would be really awesome if maybe Rick Riordan also wrote a short story about them on their first date when they're older. AWWW ALL THE FUZZIES. And then there's Percabeth which is like, warm fuzzies eaten by cats and then puked up in rainbows (Yup, I'm real mature). It'd be so epic if Riordan could also write a sequel, just about Annabeth and Percy going to school and living in New Rome and being semi-normal teenagers. What if there was a short story where they went to an aquarium for their first normal date and Annabeth is tour-guiding and Percy's just talking to the fish? SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THAT A THING. *squeals* Sorry, tangent. And Calypso and Leo! Eeep! Okay, here's something to mull over: What if someone else had landed on Ogygia during the time Leo was gone? Comment below what you think would have happened!

However, I did not like the battle scenes. I know a lot of people didn't like them either. They were too short. I really wished the battle against the giants with the Sevens' Godly parents. I would have loved to have read that scene from each of the sevens' POVs and see them interact with their parents. Especially Annabeth because it was her first time meeting Athena. Then there was the part where Gaea had finally awoken. All Piper had to do was say, "SLEEP". Then poof. Bye-bye Ga. 

All the battles seemed too easily won. Over the course of the entire series, it's been said that the Giants are going to be difficult to defeat. They did it in a matter of a few pages. Once Gaea wakes up? Goodbye all of humanity! Piper said one word and then happily ever after. This bugged me so much. I wish that Rick could have taken some time to flesh those scenes a bit more. Made them more… battle-y, not walking through a meadow-y. 

But all in all, I enjoyed The Blood of Olympus. I probably would have enjoyed this book a lot more if Rick Riordan just took the time to write just one more chapter or elaborated on some scenes. The Blood of Olympus would have been an okay sequel or first book, but since it was the conclusion, there was so much expectation and I felt a little bit disappointed. Had this been the ending to any other series, I'd probably give it 3 stars, but since it was simply written by Rick Riordan and it had great characters and humor, I bumped it up to a 4 star book.

Okay, that's it for this review, please comment your thoughts on Blood of Olympus. I'd really like to hear what you think!

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