November 6, 2014

Monthly Wrap Up: October 2014

HI GUYS, I'M BACK! It was nice to take a break, but I'm ready to start blogging again. I seriously can't believe that October went by the quickly and that it's already November. I am internally freaking out. GUYS. THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER.

Also November is my birthday this month and in a month, it'll be Christmas and we'll be on winter break! Winter break means more reading and blogging time! I love the winter because you can just cocoon yourself in blankets and read (but maybe not at the same time).
I just stared at this GIF for five minutes, dying of cuteness.
I'm gonna be a bit of a cheat this month and just talk about what's happened on the blog and not about reading because I'm really kinda lazy. But, I'll also talk about what I want/plan to do on the blog in November! 

It was Soumya's birthday this month! 
In the Halloween spirit, Soumya shared three easy, DIY costumes inspired by books.
Soumya also did a fun throw back post to her Reading Journey.
Soumya and I also also posted several Fandom News Posts: (2), (3)
Also as part of the Bookish Bingo challenge, Soumya posted weekly updates: (1), (2), (3)(4)
I finally posted my Harry Potter series review! 
Soumya also wrote a new Dressing Up post for Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer.
Looking for some graphic novels to read? Soumya shared some of her recommendations!
The blog got an Instagram as well! You can follow @whenthewordsend.
Soumya posted her first book review, which was of Beauty Queens by Libba Bray.
I went on a short hiatus, but I'm back now!

What I want to get done in November:
1. I'd like to do a bookshelf tour post because I just got a new shelf as an early birthday present from my mom!
2. Birthday book haul. I'm expecting it. Almost my entire Amazon wish list is books.
3. In the Afterlight Discussion or more likely The Darkest Minds Series Review without spoilers so that people who haven't read it yet can still look at the post (I'm thoughtful that way ;P). The last book came out in October and I recently reread and loved them all!

I'm not going to set to many goals because I'm not very good at accomplishing them. Like this post is about a week late. Oops. And guys! We're now at over 3000 views! Eek (Slowly, but surely)!

Okay, that's it for now, I'll try to have another post up soon!

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