November 1, 2014

Dressing Up- All Our Yesterdays Edition

Hi guys!
I just finished All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. It was a fantastic book. The plot's pretty hard to explain, but basically, there is time travel, paradox-ing, action, and romance. The plot line is killer, but the characters are even better. I've put together one outfit based off the 4 (eh, 3) main characters.
~  ~  ~
James: James is kind and rich. He's also evil and the entire reason the world is in trouble. Sound like a lot to express in an outfit? Um, yeah, it is.

Here's the outfit:
These khaki pants are comfy yet sophisticated.
With this pullover, you can cheat the system. No need for a button-down and a sweater.
Oxfords add a stylish touch.
Double-sided earrings are a fun twist on traditional pearls.

This outfit is perfect for an interview or lunch at a nice restaurant. Keep your makeup minimal and instead go for something cool with your hair! A french braid, perhaps? Or, if you're slightly hairstyle challenged like me, volume-filled waves would look cool too.
~  ~  ~
Marina: Marina is madly in love with James, whether he realizes it or not. She's rich (but obviously not as rich as him!) and has an expensive-looking, trendy style. Marina can be petty like her friends and abuse what makes her so popular, but in the end she really cares about everyone.

A black skirt is flirty yet sophisticated, and works with everything.
Add in a sassy graphic tank and your outfit is almost done.
Wrap this necklace around twice to show off your top.
Floral sneakers add some flair but comfort to your look.

This outfit is perfect for school or a casual date. Bobby-pin a skinny braid behind your hair to jazz it up, and add a cat-eye if you're feeling adventurous.
~  ~  ~
Finn: Finn is goofy and silly, but brave, adventurous, courageous and kind. He's easily my favorite character in the entire book. He's a great fighter and the perfect person to drive you crazy. With that in mind, here's Finn's outfit:

A pair of artfully distressed jeans are tough but cute, just like Finn.
With a goofy t-shirt, you're really channeling him.
Add in an athletic-inspired cardi for when it gets chillier.
Comfortable shoes are a must-have for a quick getaway!

This outfit is great for any daytime activity, from running errands to going to art class. Put your hair up into a high ponytail and add a coat of bright tinted lip balm to finish off this look!
~  ~  ~
Em: Em is the tougher, more practical and sensible, more kick-butt version of Marina. She's got amazing street smarts and she and Finn make an adorable couple. Seriously. I 100% ship them.

This is a very Em-ish outfit:

Black leggings are comfy, easy to run in, and camoflague well into the dark night. Plus, they go with everything.
A dark gray crop top adds some style.
A layered necklace makes the neutrals in an outfit really pop!
Add an army-inspired jacket for warmth.
Combat boots are a perfect choice here.

This outfit works for any occasion that's not too fancy. Change up the accessories for each activity and you'll be looking amazing and feeling super comofortable. Due to the muted colors of this outfit, go for sheer lip gloss, shimmery bronze and gold eye shadow and a few coats of mascara. Then put your hair up into a messy topknot to pull it all together.

Tell me in the comments if you tried any of these outfits and what you thought!

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