November 18, 2014

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge (7)

Hi guys!
Today's topic was one that was really hard for me to answer: What is your favorite female character and why? I couldn't think of just one even though I tried really hard. So finally, it came down to Luna and Hermione. I really can't choose between them. I love Luna because she's eccentric and quirky, but she doesn't mind. She's also a really sweet girl who is like, super nice and caring. Luna seems like the coolest BFF ever. Oh wait, that might be Hermione. Hermione is extremely smart, brave, and patient. Mostly patient because she puts up with Harry and Ron. Right, anyways, Hermione seems like someone who is truly intelligent, not superficially so, and she's also insanely brave. Which is like the best combination ever.


Or her?
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

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