November 30, 2014

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge (11)

Hey guys,
I'm finally back!
(You can stop cheering now.)
I missed all of you and blogging so much, but I had a fantastic vacation. Anyways, today's topic is What character would you say you are most like? This was really hard for me to do. I finally decided on Hermione. Before you guys start screaming that I'm not worthy of being like Hermione (I know I'm not) just hear me out. I'm pretty much a complete book nerd, just like her. And I'm smart, but obviously not as smart as her. Is anyone? We also both get annoyed by people who are like Ron and Harry. But we tolerate the inferior ;) JK, guys.

Right, so Hermione and I are twinsies. Oooh, like Fred and George!

Total twinsies.

That's it for today. This post is a bit weirder than ususal, because 8 days makes a girl rusty at blogging. Get ready for Day 12 tomorrow!

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