October 1, 2014

The Reading Journey

Hey guys!
This week, I've decided to do a throwback type post about the experiences all readers go through, from stumbling over c-a-t cat, to reading the Scarlet Letter and writing a seven-page essay on it. It's not even close to a philosophical post, but more like a funny letter to your five year old self reading a picture book by yourself for the first time.

When You Learn To Read: The world suddenly becomes a lot bigger. You start ignoring other children on the playground to read, and it's all you can brag about in preschool. "I know how to read." What cooler talent is there?

When You Start Reading By Yourself: It's now your favorite hobby, and your Tonka trucks and Barbies are sitting in the corner of your room, collecting dust, while the pages of Goodnight Moon are starting to wear out because you've read it so many times. You also leave your mom alone, so she doesn't have to spend all her time reading you books.

When You Get Your First Library Card: OMG!!!!!!! There are libraries! With thousands of free books! Well, now you know what you're gonna be spending all of your free time. Forever.

When Teachers Start Assigning Books: Ugh. Who knew books could be boring? And essays, really? Whyyyyyy? Now, you enjoy reading on your own even more.

When Your Life Becomes Too Busy To Read: Haha, got you there. That's never gonna happen. If you're a true bibliophile, you will always find time to read. I guarantee it :)

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