October 8, 2014

Dressing Up- Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer Edition

Hi guys...
So, I was reading Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer for the Bookish Bingo challenge, and I realized that fashion plays a key role in the book, especially in the character of the main character, Collette, and her friends Hannah and Pilar. So here are two outfits inspired by the book! The first is a more casual outfit for everyday wear while the second one is a fancy shmancy one perfect for any occasion that requires some dressing up.

Paris- Dressing like a Parisian is super important to Collette, and she does such a good job of it that people actually mistake her for one! Paris has a very easily distinguished fashion sense; simple and timeless. Here's a simple formula for putting together a typical Parisian style outfit.

The Striped Shirt- A striped shirt, or bateau top, is a key element of any Parisian look. You can treat it as a neutral and pair it with anything.

Pants- Skinny, well-fitting pants look so much more put together than jeans.

Leather Boots- Tall leather boots add an instant flair to any outfit.

Coat- A stylish coat adds warmth and pizzazle to your clothes.

Beret- What would a French look be without a beret?

For makeup, I suggest a minimalistic nude look.

Marie Antoinette- Marie's look is over-the-top, old-fashioned, fancy, and more fancy. While rocking a white wig may not be a great idea, here's a cute look that will remind you of Marie Antoinette's ball gown and glamorous personality. 

Dress- The rich burgundy hue and delicate lace pattern of this dress are elegant and old timey, a.k.a perfect for this look. 

Necklace- This beautiful necklace will make anyone look like royalty. No need for real gemstones. :0

Heels- Because every Marie needs a good pair of heels.

Makeup wise, go heavy on the blush and mascara, and light on everything else!

Hope you guys like the outfits I've put together! 

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