October 6, 2014

Series Review: Harry Potter

Hi guys. So. I finished Harry Potter. Since just about everyone's read Harry Potter or knows what it's about, I'm not gonna deal with fancy synopsis formatting. Too much work. But anyways. Let me just start by saying this: the past month or so, has been completely taken over by Harry Potter. I marathoned them all, and the only time I left to read other books was in between the periods where I couldn't go to the library. Harry Potter has grasped me and molded me into its Potterhead minion. And I confess that I AM A HUNDRED PERCENT PROUD OF IT.

Okay, now for a real review. The following will have spoilers for the entire series so I suggest you don't read on if you haven't read HP yet. And if you haven't, I think you've been living in a cave with Hagrid and Grawp for the past twenty years.

I am still furious with my self for not reading the books sooner. I CONDEMN MYSELF TO AZKABAN *curls up in shame (and from the dementors)*. I loved these books whole-heartedly and I'm so sad to have now lost the privilege to be able to read Harry Potter for the first time.

My favorite to least favorite books in the series probably went something like this: Goblet of Fire and Prisoner of Azkaban, Sorcerer's Stone, Half Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows, Chamber of Secrets, Order of the Phoenix. I know people find it refreshing to read something different than stuff about stereotypical wizards, but I thought this was quite the opposite. It's was fun to read about a world brooms and potions and wands. And even though that's the most common image for wizards, I thought J.K. Rowling did a great job of still keeping the world unique. You have no idea how many times I tell myself that my letters just a few years late because Errol's sending it. I loved Hogwarts and it's quirks like the ghosts and talking paintings and everything. I would trade places with Myrtle if it meant I could go to Hogwarts (and she haunts a toilet).

I loved Harry, Ron, and Hermione's friendship. And whatever you muggles say, I ship Romione. They're not perfect but I think that they balance each other out and Harry's like a brother to Hermione. Harry and Ginny are not my favorite pairing but they're better than Cho, who I though could be a bit annoying. I felt that Ginny didn't have a whole lot of character but I'm happy that the shy girl at the beginning was finally able to get a happily ever after (of sorts).

Death. DEATH EVERYWHERE. Sirius's and Dumbledore's deaths were sad. Harry lost some of his only father figures (and he never really got to live with Sirius except in Grimauld). Hedwig's death was sad too. J.K. Rowling did it because it "was a metaphor for Harry loosing his innocence". *sob*
Beautiful, yet heart breaking artwork by Viria13
Then Dobby. Oh poor Dobby and that sadistic, pathetic excuse of a human, Bellatrix (Funny that my friend is being her for Halloween). Dobby deserves a heaven full of lopsided hats and mismatched socks for he died a hero. AND FRED. I swear I lost it at Fred. I knew it was coming because I was spoiled, but that did not soften the blow. I died a little with him (it probably didn't help that I saw and read a bunch of sad head canons and drawings afterwards). I still kind of blame Percy for Fred's death (I don't really forgive him for choosing the Ministry). I also continue to have mixed feelings about Snape. I don't entirely forgive him, but I don't loathe him as much. And Voldemort- you saw it coming. NOW STAY DEAD PLEASE.

All in all, I really love these books and they now have a special place in my heart (and on my bookshelf). J.K. Rowling created a beautiful world with lovable characters despite their flaws and a great plots that flows nicely throughout the books. I am now on the bandwagon with everyone else to petition for another HP book. A next generation story or a book about the Marauders would be nice, J.K.

To be honest, I am not completely satisfied with this review. It probably would have been better if I did separate reviews for each book but I didn't because I was lazy and didn't want to stop reading the series and take the time to pour all my feels into a review. I don't think I can stress how awesome this series is in just one post. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS.

**Sorry it took so long to get this review posted. I've been done with the series for a while, but I wanted to write a review that did the series some justice :)

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