September 19, 2014

Fangirl and Blogger - Soumya

Hey guys!
My name's Soumya, and...(drumroll please.)
I'm joining the bloggers at When The Words End! Now, in addition to Kaylie, Milli, and Christina, you lucky readers will have the chance to read my amazing meh posts. I used to blog on Not Your Average Fangirl aaand yes, I am the one who came up with the 21 Week Reading Challenge!

In addition to book reviews, Top Ten Tuesday and reading challenges, I'll be doing a wide variety of other posts, including outfits and nail art inspired by books, plus literary news from everywhere.

A Little Bit About Me:
I'm a self-proclaimed fangirl. I love to read soooo much. I also love fan fiction, authors, characters and book blogs. (Especially this one!)
Some of my favorite foods are cronuts, sour patch kids, popcorn, cheese ravioli, nutella, fondue, curry, blood oranges, raspberries, salad greens, roasted almonds, fudge, hummus, and anything with hazelnut.
My favorite music genres are EDM and pop.
Other than reading and blogging, I like to go shopping, play volleyball, skateboard, dance, run (except in PE,) write fiction, experiment with nail art, play violin and viola, and travel.
My favorite TV shows include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bones, The Middle, and Sherlock.
In terms of movies, I love comedies (the funnier, the better) and superhero flicks.
I have an irrational fear of trampolines. No joke.
I've been able to read since I was two.
Like almost all YA heroines, I'm short. That's about all we have in common.
Team Gale all the way! Also Team Maxon.

I don't have a favorite book, and probably never will have one. There are just so many amazing ones out there.

You guys will hear more from me soon :)

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