September 14, 2014

Event: Meeting Sarah J. Maas

Hi guys! So the other day I got the opportunity to meet the wonderful Sarah J. Maas. She was on tour for Heir of Fire and happened to stop at a bookstore was only a short drive away from where I live. I think that Veronica Rossi was supposed to be there too, but for some reason unknown to me, she wasn't.

Anyways, I apparently seem to have a knack for being late to these book events. You'd have thought that I learned after being late to an event with Kiera Cass and had to stand for an hour or so. But no. The event started at 7:00 and the Q & As always start early. My dad offered to take me there at 6:30 and I stupidly said no because I thought it was too early (and I was feeling kind of lazy). So I got there around 7:10 and the discussion was already pretty far in. And I ended up standing in the back.

Sarah was just the sweetest person. She was nerdy, but friendly and talkative. She was talking about Star Wars and Teen Wolf and Outlander and a bunch of other stuff. She answered questions about writing her first book, she gave advice for aspiring writers, her inspiration for the characters in Heir of Fire and she also talked about things like which TV show she'd like to act in. She was also asked some grueling questions like who she wanted to end up with Celeana (which she avoided answering), her favorite characters in TOG and a tense game of Marry, Kiss, Kill with any three characters (Marry: Jamie from Outlander, Kiss: Derek from Teen Wolf, and Kill: Professor Umbridge from HP, in case you were wondering).

I learned that Sarah has a problem with ending things, and has avoided reading the last books in several series and that Manon isn't pronounced Man-en, but Muh-non, like baton. Also, Sarah likes Cheetos and Netflix. I think on of my favorite parts was when Sarah was talking about how her parents were her biggest fans. She was explaining how they showed up for almost all of her events in the East coast and were her personal paparazzi/stalkers and how they displayed dozens of copies of her books in their house to show off to guests. Sarah was really funny and sweet. I was really sad I missed the first part of the interview.

Then came the signing part. So here's the thing: they excused people to line up by row. Again, I was in the back. So people began to line up. I finally found a seat after everyone went to get their books signed and all the girls sitting behind me knew each other and they were fangirling very loudly. Then when I got in line, two other girls standing behind me stared talking about college and school. EVERYONE WAS TALKING TO SOMEONE. I just stood there silently and waited. Alone. Everyone was talking and geeking out and squealing with someone else and I was just there by my lonesome.

So I waited for about an hour. Then I finally got to the signing table.

More awkwardness. I was so nervous because the woman in front of me in the line, had made this amazing art piece of Celaena and gave a copy to Sarah. I, on the other hand, HAD NOTHING. So when I finally got to see and talk to Sarah, I was literally biting my nails. And my conversation with her went something like this:

Sarah: Hi! How are you?
Me: *way too high pitched* Hi! I'm good! *pause* How are you?
Sarah: I'm good! *smiles*
Me: *smiles nervously* Could you personalize my copy of Heir of Fire?
Sarah: *theatrically gasps* How dare you ask me that? Of course I'll personalize it!
Me: *awkwardly laughs and puts all the books on the table*
Sarah: Wow! All those books must be heavy! I can barely lift them all because I have like no upper body strength.
Me: *laughs* Yeah.
Sarah: *starts signing the books* So, what grade are you in?

And then some stuff about school and my favorite classes, etc. I also asked for a picture, which I won't post for privacy reasons, sorry!

I guess it was better than my encounter with Kiera Cass. The only thing I said was something along the lines of, "Hi! Can you sign this?" But still, I was so shy! I hope in the future I can be a bit more open and gain more courage to have at least a semi-normal conversation. I'm banging my head on a table looking back at it. I felt like that one of the reasons the line took so long was because people were actually having significant conversations with Sarah and she took the time to listen and respond. I felt kind of ridiculous after. Like I wasted probably my only chance to talk to such and amazing author. I know I sound a bit melodramatic but I don't get to go to author events very often.

Sarah J. Maas's lovely signature in my book

Another thing that I found really cool was Sarah had a copy of Throne of Glass that she had from her very first event and asked everyone to sign it or leave a message. I thought it was such a thoughtful idea. But sadly, I didn't get the chance to write in it. My little sister had come along with me to the event and kept complaining that she was tired and want fro-yo, so I was practically dragged out the door after I took my picture. But nonetheless, it was a fun event.

So that was my experience with meeting  Sarah J. Maas! Have you ever gone to a book event or had any awkward interactions with authors?


  1. Wow! That's so cool that you got to meet Sarah J. Maas! What an awesome opportunity! It sounds like you had a ton of fun, so yeah for that! ;) Thanks for the recap, and wonderful post! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Yeah! It was really fun and I felt so special :P. Thanks for stopping by!