September 24, 2014

Dressing Up- Eleanor and Park's Closet

Hey everyone!
I just finished re-reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, and this time through, I realized how important fashion was in the book. The clothes Eleanor and Park wear reflect their personalities and their relationship with the outside world. So, I decided it was the perfect book for my first "Dressing Up" post, which is an original feature where I'll show you how to recreate the styles of characters in books. BTW, these outfits are meant for girls, cause, well, I dunno male fashion. 

First up, Eleanor: 
Eleanor's style is unique, very different, and really shows the world she doesn't care what they think. It's definitely a little weird and ambitious, but a toned-down version is something I really want to try. 

Vans- Park specifically mentions how much he likes Eleanor's strawberry Vans, so I felt like they were an important part of this outfit. He also mentions a sharkskin blazer, but...well, uh...

Plaid Shirt- Eleanor is often wearing clothing meant for men, and an on-trend plaid shirt is the best way to echo that in your outfit.

Jeans- Ripped boyfriend jeans are a staple in Eleanor's closet, and should be one in yours too! They're versatile, comfortable, and look super cute, no matter what you wear them with.

Scarves- Eleanor loves to wear scarves, and you should too. They add a layer of warmth and interest to anything you wear. To pair with the plaid shirt in this outfit, a solid color looks great. But, if you want to go wilder and more Eleanor-er I suggest the dark floral scarf at the beginning of the list.

Bracelets- Where would an outfit be without the bracelets? Buy a set to make things easier or get creative by buying a bunch of singular ones and combining them. Making your own bracelets looks sups cool too.

Now for Park:
Park wears a lot of black. Eleanor describes his style as always wearing black high tops, blue jeans, and a black shirt. So, I went and recreated his iconic style into an outfit that anyone can pull off.

Black High Tops- These shoes are easy, effortless, and look good with everything. Literally everything.

Jeans- These jeans have a cut that's more relaxed, to mimic the type of jeans guys usually wear. Wear them over your high-tops.

Music Tee- I put a link here to tons of different music tees. Pick your favorite band, and then choose the design you like the most.

Eyeliner- And of course, don't forget the eyeliner Park dons! No matter what his dad may think.

That's it for now!
Are these outfits something you would try? Tell me in the comments!

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