August 28, 2014

Why I Avoided Harry Potter for So Long

Hi guys! Today I decided I wanted to do something a little different. And if you couldn't already tell by the title, I am going to write a post about why I avoided reading Harry Potter for so long. The reason why I wanted to blog about this is because I've recently started reading the books (and I'm loving them!), but I'm also about the last person on earth who actually enjoys reading and hasn't read the entire series. And because I can feel all the Potterheads judging me through the computer screen, I feel like I need to justify myself a bit. So get comfy kids, I'm about to tell y'all a story.

So Once Upon a Time,

There was a little girl named Kaylie and she was in third grade. She did not enjoy reading at all and her mother had to force her to go to the bookstore. Kaylie didn't resist much, but she never really intended to read, or at least enjoy any of the books that they were going to buy. So off they went to a used bookstore downtown, for Kaylie's mother had heard so many great things about this "Harry Potter Book" and had hopes that it would spark the young child's interest in reading. But little did her mother know that in a few years time, it would be a YA novel that would kindle her daughter's passion for books. So for the time being, she bought a slightly weather-worn paperback of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the little girl to read. 

Seven-year-old Kaylie reluctantly started to read the book with yellowing pages that smelled musty and made her sneeze. Kaylie did not like to read and found the book to be extremely boring. She did not enjoy the experience of shopping at Diagon Alley or the humor of Dudley growing a pig's tail that present Kaylie has come to love. Kaylie of Reading Past disliked it so much that she never even got the chance to board the Hogwarts express or meet Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. 

But fast forward about five years into the future, Kaylie who had come to love the fantasies built up with paper and ink, also know as books, had decided it was time. She would conquer the series that she had been so long avoiding- Harry Potter. Kaylie was skeptical because if she didn't like it when she was younger, maybe she still wouldn't enjoy it now, but then again, what would a seven-year-old who didn't even like to read know? However, there was still one thing that was holding her back- some of the books were HUMUNGOUS and Kaylie was easily daunted by big books sometimes. Also there were seven whole books in the series, so she was very scared to devote herself to such large and long books. But after a very long inward debate, Kaylie was certain that it would be a disgrace to book-lovers world wide if she didn't even try to read them. So thus, she began to rummage around for the ancient paperback.

For after what seemed like hours and hours, she finally found the poor, beaten book wedged in a magazine rack. Kaylie slowly eased it out and winced at it's condition; the spine was broken in several places, the corner of the cover was missing and there were several dog-eared pages. But nonetheless, she opened the book and began to read. She watched the magic unfurl in front of her eyes, page by page until she read the book from cover to cover. She closed the book. Then surround by the thoughts of Hogwarts and wizards, she wondered why she had waited so long… 

And to this day, Kaylie continues to see how the Harry's story unravels and is slowly working her way to complete the series that she was always destined to eventually read.

The End.

Okay guys! That's it for this post! Hope you enjoy the story and don't judge me so much for holding out on read the books for so long now. Comment below: what's one book or series that you avoided reading for a long time? And if you finally read it, did you actually end up enjoy it? Also, please no spoilers (because I've already heard plenty from my friends) for the rest of the HP books because I am still plowing through Goblet of Fire. Thank you!

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