August 15, 2014

Who Would Survive the Games? (1)

In the Arena, there are only four tributes left. Who will win the Hunger Games? 

Who Would Survive the Hunger Games? is an original meme created by When the Words End, where we take four fictional characters that all have something in common (ex: having powers, being mundane, etc.) and put them into the Games, as the last four standing tributes. Then we hypothesize how they got there and how they would have reacted in the Games. After that, we calculate the odds of them surviving and choose a winner.

The Mundies and Muggles
(Humans without Powers)

The Tributes:
Cassie from The Fifth Wave
Christina from Divergent
Zuzanna from Daughter of Smoke and Bone
June from Legend

Training Score (Out of 12):
Cassie- Seven
Christina- Six
Zuzanna- Five
June- Seven
"First they show a photo of the tribute, then flash their score below it. The Career Tributes naturally get in the eight-to-ten range. Most of the other players average a five." - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Arena:
The Arena is set up like a clock. The 12 to 1 wedge has a tall tree that gets hit by lightning during the twelfth hour. The other sections contain different horrors that attack each hour. The horrors consist of carnivorous monkeys, giant tidal waves, poisonous fog, blood rain, and Jabberjays made to scream like the tributes' friends and family.
"A clock. I can almost see the hands ticking around the twelve-sectioned face of the arena. Each hour begins a new horror, a new Gamemaker weapon, and ends the previous. Lightning, blood rain, fog, monkeys — those are the first four hours on the clock. And at ten, the wave." -Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
The Cornucopia:
I think that Christina would go for the weapons, most likely the knives because of her experience with throwing them during Dauntless initiation and Cassie would probably enter the blood bath, too. June would be more logical and grab the nearest backpack then get as far away from the other tributes as possible. I think that Zuzanna would do the same.
 "Sixty seconds to take in the ring of tributes all equidistant from the Cornucopia, a giant golden horn shaped like a cone with a curved tail, the mouth of which is at least twenty feet high, spilling over with the things that will give us life here in the arena. Food, containers of water, weapons, medicine, garments, fire starters. Strewn around the Cornucopia are other supplies, their value decreasing the farther they are from the horn." -The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
I think that Christina and Zuzanna would make allies first because they are good at making friends. 
Christina might enter a Career group because of her knife-throwing skills.  June and Cassie would probably stay by themselves because they aren't very trusting. They both can also survive fairly well without anyone's help. However, all four girls rely heavily on supplies so they might need an ally who knows how to hunt and gather.
"Often alliances are formed in the early stages of the Games. The strong band together to hunt down the weak then, when the tension becomes too great, begin to turn on one another." -The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
I think the only tribute here to figure out the clock would be June because she is the smartest of the bunch. She would have a plan similar to Beetee's or she might find a way to use force-filed to her advantage. Zuzanna and Christina would probably stay in one place until something/someone gets too close for comfort. Cassie would hide close to the Cornucopia because she'd want to stay closer to the supplies. She is also very good at physical combat, which is useful in case other tributes try to steal from the Cornucopia.

Since June and Cassie got the highest scores out of the four, they would get the most sponsors. Christina and Zuzanna might get a gift or two by using their charm at the interviews.

This really depends on what they have at the feast, like whether it typical food or something like in The Hunger Games, where it was something they all desperately needed. It also depends on the number of tributes left because that could be taken into account as well. But I think that if it was food, June, Christina and Zuzanna would probably take their chances because none of them have any experience with hunting or gathering food and aren't used to being hungry. Cassie, however would probably still be able to live off supplies from the Cornucopia because she'd hide and attack whoever would try to take shelter there. During the feast, she would just hide nearby and watch the action.
"For the most part, the only communication the tributes get from outside the arena is the nightly death toll. But occasionally, there will be trumpets followed by an announcement. Usually, this will be a call to a feast. When food is scarce, the Gamemakers will invite the players to a banquet, somewhere known to all like the Cornucopia, as an inducement to gather and fight." -The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Winner:
The Winner of The Hunger Games is…

June Iparis!

June would win because she's skilled in combat and is intelligent. Christina is strong but not always the smarted and Zuzanna doesn't have a lot of defensive training. Cassie is strong but she depends heavily on supplies. So ultimately, June would win.

Who do you think would survive The Hunger Games? Comment theme or characters suggestions for the next Games and tell us your opinions and thoughts! Let us know what you think about the new feature, as well! May the odds be ever in your favor,

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