July 23, 2014

Beautiful Foreign Covers

Hi Guys! I found some really cool images of foreign special edition books and covers and such and I thought I'd share them with you, cause they're soooooo pretty! (P.S. Click on the Images for better resolution)

1. There are these BEAUTIFUL Luxury Collector's Edition for The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins. These books have new covers that are shinny and feature the iconic mockingjay symbols with metallic foil on the edges of the pages. However, these editions are only available in Australia and New Zealand, I believe.

2. There's an awesome special edition available to U.K. readers of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. (I think it is also available on The Book Depository for the US, so yay!) This edition is reversed colored (pink with green type) in comparison to the original edition (green with pink type). It also has art on the other side of the dust jacket, a yellow ribbon bookmark and Simon and Baz embossed in pink on the hardback. (See more pictures on Rainbow Rowell's Blog!)


3. And then I saw this pretty Australian exclusive edition of The Fault in Our Stars By John Green. It's kind of metallic and has slightly different coloring, with the background being black instead of blue.

4. There was also another edition of The Hunger Games trilogy that I thought I would include because they're also gorgeous. These were originally the movie tie-in editions that were released in the UK after the Catching Fire movie release but they will be for sale in the US this September! These covers don't feature the actors like typical movie tie-ins do, but instead the cover is entirely foiled with the mockingjay symbols and titles raised. (Pre-Order them on Amazon: The Hunger Games Box Set: Foil Edition or Buy on The Book Depository)

Comment your favorite covers down below! Do you any cool foreign covers or special editions?

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